Vöner is an especially profitable choice for restaurants and foodservices. Vöner is already known as a synonym for delicious vegan food. And it’s already the most popular vegetarian dish in more than 500 restaurants in Finland. Vöner is an effortless way to serve a growing clientele valuing plant-based but delicious options. Long shelf life, many different shapes of use and easiness of preparation (only heating) ensure, that Vöner leaves food professionals with a great after-taste.


See also, why Vöner is the better choice for consumers.


More customers

Attracts vegan, vegetarians, flexitarians, the healthy types and people, who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. They often influence the entire party’s decision.


No waste, no risk

Long shelf life (+5 months) minimizes waste.


Nice and easy

Different shapes cater to customer’s favorite dishes. As pre-cooked, easy and fast to use.



Better margin for a restaurant than with meat. For once, doing good pays off.

We’ll help you with use it and grow sales


We’ll be happy to come and show you our tips on how to make delicious dishes out of Vöner.

Recipes & ideas

Find inspiration from our recipes section to which Vöner dishes would fit you the best. You can also just ask us, we’ll be happy to share our tips.

Marketing materials

Show your customers you’re serving vegan food known to be delicious. Contact us and we’ll send you in-store materials that best serve you.

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