The Vöner way

Vöner started out as Vegan döner. Today, with a variety of products, Vöner is a synonym for plant-based alternatives for meat, which are rich in protein and taste.

We believe, in order to advance plant-based eating with all its benefits to the planet, people, and animals, you need make it accessible for everybody.

That’s why Vöner is all about the taste, easiness-of-use, and laid-back but cheerful attitude. In everything we do, we ask ourselves: does this taste or look delicious enough? Does it seem easy enough? Does it give you a smile and make your day a bit better?

Because, in the end of tHe day, it shouldn’t be a compromise to eat more healthy, as well as planet- and animal-friendly. That’s the Vöner way. That’s how, we believe, everybody wins.


HoReCa : +358 40 729 4471

Customer service : +358 40 160 1474

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