Vöner is a great fit also for the Christmas setting. Vöner Christmas Skewer (“Jouluvarras”) is like a Christmas ham, only better. Prepare it easily in the oven and you can season it as you like. Find tasty Christmas skewer recipes here.


Delicious Vöner sauces make any meal even more delicious. They also act as easy dips. And you don’t have to worry about special diets: they are 100% vegan and free of egg, glutein and lactose. But use caution: the sauces are full of flavor!

Like meat, only better

Just choose the best shape and flavor for the day. Don’t forget the sauces. All products have in common a taste so delicious you won’t believe until you try it. Easy to prepare in a few minutes on a pan or in a microwave oven. See Vöner recipes in detail here.

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